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Music Share: Week 3

Hi All!

This week our young musicians have been doing some folk dances in music class.  It’s been challenging and fun!   We’ve also started a pilot program for some of our preschool students to experience music class.  Todays PM preschoolers came to music for the first time and did great!  Here’s a few clips from this week:

Check out more great folk dances like these from New England Dance Masters. 


Welcome Back, Musicians!

We’ve had a great first fews days in music class and we’re looking forward to an exciting year!   Our young musicians are really enjoying themselves this week with new activities, including a game called “Oboshinotentoten”.  It reinforces the steady beat, singing & chanting in rhythm, with an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration.   Check out the video below for a peek at our 4th graders giving it a try!