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Music Share 2.4.16

here’s a few clips from music class this past week and our 100th day of school!



The Music Podcast is Back!

The music podcast is back!  So please give a listen to what our young musicians are up to this week in music class!

Songwriting day in Music – Summer Song!

A few of our classes wrote songs in music class on the last day of school!  Here’s Mrs. Rigg’s class singing their “Summer Song”.



Have a great summer everyone!

– Mr. Arthur

Music Share 5.15.15: Texture in music and “The Prepared Piano”.

Today our 3rd graders learned about texture in music.  We talked about what the “avant garde” is and had some great discussion about what music can be!  Check out this short clip of our learners creating a “prepared piano”, in the style of avant garde composer, John Cage! 

MMMUSD All-District Choral Concert!

MMMUSD All-District Choral Concert!

Last night our RES 4th grade chorus joined the middle schools and high school for the All-District Choral Concert at MMU.  The show was fantastic and it was the first time our performers were invited to join their older peers on stage, they did amazingly well!   Congrats to the 4th grade chorus and thanks to all for supporting this great event!

MMU_concert_2015.1MMU_concert_2015.2  MMU_concert_2015.4 MMU_concert_2015.3

Music Share 4.3.15

Music Share 4.3.15

A quick share from today… morning preschoolers at RES perform the song “Little Wheel a’Turning”…

Music Classroom Podcast – Episode 6!

Music Classroom Podcast – Episode 6!

Episode 6 of Mr. Arthur’s Music Classroom Podcast.  This week, for Music in Our Schools Month, our young musicians share why they think music is important as well as some of their favorite artists and bands!