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Happy Summer!

Thanks for a great year everyone!  Have an awesome summer!  Here’s a clip of our RES Sunrise Singers performing “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.


Music Share 2.4.16

here’s a few clips from music class this past week and our 100th day of school!


The Music Podcast is Back!

The music podcast is back!  So please give a listen to what our young musicians are up to this week in music class!

Music Share | 10.30.15

It feels great to be back in the music room, thanks for the warm welcome back everyone!  And a very big thanks Mrs. Scudder-Chase who taught all music classes these past 8 weeks and did a fantastic job!  

Here’s a short clip of what some of our young musicians were up to this week.  1st graders have fun playing an active listening game, and our fourth graders start rehearsing a new piece on only their 2nd day in Chorus!  

Looking forward to a great year of music classes!

Mr. Arthur

Music Share 6.5.15 – At the Bottom of the Sea

Toward the end of the year we have a bit of choice time to celebrate and this usually means.. singing games!  Here’s a favorite of many… “At the Bottom of the Sea”.  A GoPro camera strapped to a little fish makes for a fun video.

Music Share 5.15.15: Texture in music and “The Prepared Piano”.

Today our 3rd graders learned about texture in music.  We talked about what the “avant garde” is and had some great discussion about what music can be!  Check out this short clip of our learners creating a “prepared piano”, in the style of avant garde composer, John Cage! 

Jeh Kulu at RES!

Jeh Kulu at RES!

We’ve got Jeh Kulu at RES this week working with our learners on African drum and dance!  It’s been so amazing so far!  Big thanks to Darcie Rankin for making this possible!

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