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Happy Summer from the Smilie Music Room!

Happy Summer from the Smilie Music Room!

4th graders at Smilie lead us in a song to celebrate their last day in music class and the start of summer!


Music Podcast: Episode 4

Check out our 3rd & 4th grade “uke” players on Mr. Arthur’s Music Podcast Episode 4!


Music Podcasts are here!

Hi all!  Please check out our very 1st music podcast for RES & SMS.  Check back soon for new episodes and subscribe to the RSS feed!     (um….what is an RSS feed?)     Right click THIS LINK and select copy to copy the RSS feed link,  then paste it into your reader.   You can also find us in iTunes next week!   (update:  we’re live on iTunes!)

Thanks for listening!

Mr. Arthur

Online Music Tools for Rainy Summer Days!

Hey There!

Below are a few music tools that can be found online, all totally fun and free!   Many of our young musicians at RES & SMS had a look at these in music class last week.   Lots of fun stuff to play, explore,  compose and learn about music this summer when you might be stuck indoors on a rainy day!   Click on each image to give them a try!

1.  Ujam –  Record your voice, or an instrument and instantly create a backing track to accompany yourself!   Plus much more to explore…


2. ToneMatrix –  A grid sequencer of pitches… click around a create a melody!


3. ButtonBass –  Do you like the electronic music called Dubstep?  Check out this interactive instrument for arranging this style of music…so cool!

4. AudioTool –  Do you like to tinker?  Like turning knobs and flipping switches?  This is an online music studio with endless sonic possibilities!  Have Fun…


5. Incredibox  –  Our students saw this last year but they have a fresh version for some super fun a capella music creation!


6.  Soundation –  We’ve also played with this online music studio in the past.  This year our 3rd & 4th graders made their own compositions with this amazing, all inclusive virtual music studio!

7.  SphinxKids –  A great site to learn about the elements of music, composers, music theory, and much more!


Video Share: Music this week at RES & SMS

Here’s a few short clips of what’s happening in music class this week at RES and Smilie.  RES 4th graders rehearse for their concert on 5/14.  RES Kindergarteners learn the notes on the keyboard,  Smilie students practice movement to music and RES 2nd graders play rhythms on boomwhackers!

Keyboard Lab in Music Class!



This week and next many of our students at RES & SMS are getting hands-on experience playing electric pianos in music class!   We’ve learned the names of the notes on the keyboard, and we’ve worked on basic piano playing technique.  These instruments are also a wonderful conduit towards playing with dynamics,  staying in tempo and reading simple sheet music.  It’s also tons of fun to play along with apps like Garage Band and Piano Maestro.   Check em out!

RES 1st & 2nd Grade Art Night & Concert on February 19th!

Winter Concert