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Jeh Kulu at RES!

Jeh Kulu at RES!

We’ve got Jeh Kulu at RES this week working with our learners on African drum and dance!  It’s been so amazing so far!  Big thanks to Darcie Rankin for making this possible!

smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.1 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.2 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.3 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.4 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.5 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.6 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.7 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.8 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.9 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.10 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.11 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.12 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.13 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.14 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.15 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.16 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.17 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.18 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.19 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.20 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.21 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.22 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.23 smRES_Jeh_Kulu_2015.24


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