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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Music Share: 9.26.14

Here’s a few clips from this week in music class!  First, a look at how our kindergarteners are exploring sound and texture with an app called “Mixeroo”.  Students listen and are prompted to discriminate each sound they hear, culminating in an ensemble of instruments playing a familiar song.  3rd and 4th graders had a few minutes with a similar app called Multitracks.

Also, a look at how our 3rd graders often learn a new song by rote.  We meet at the piano, warm up our voices and sing together!  The close proximity to the piano and each others voices works well when learning a new piece.


Music Podcast: Episode 2

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Music Share: Week 3

Hi All!

This week our young musicians have been doing some folk dances in music class.  It’s been challenging and fun!   We’ve also started a pilot program for some of our preschool students to experience music class.  Todays PM preschoolers came to music for the first time and did great!  Here’s a few clips from this week:

Check out more great folk dances like these from New England Dance Masters. 

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