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Online Music Tools for Rainy Summer Days!

Hey There!

Below are a few music tools that can be found online, all totally fun and free!   Many of our young musicians at RES & SMS had a look at these in music class last week.   Lots of fun stuff to play, explore,  compose and learn about music this summer when you might be stuck indoors on a rainy day!   Click on each image to give them a try!

1.  Ujam –  Record your voice, or an instrument and instantly create a backing track to accompany yourself!   Plus much more to explore…


2. ToneMatrix –  A grid sequencer of pitches… click around a create a melody!


3. ButtonBass –  Do you like the electronic music called Dubstep?  Check out this interactive instrument for arranging this style of music…so cool!

4. AudioTool –  Do you like to tinker?  Like turning knobs and flipping switches?  This is an online music studio with endless sonic possibilities!  Have Fun…


5. Incredibox  –  Our students saw this last year but they have a fresh version for some super fun a capella music creation!


6.  Soundation –  We’ve also played with this online music studio in the past.  This year our 3rd & 4th graders made their own compositions with this amazing, all inclusive virtual music studio!

7.  SphinxKids –  A great site to learn about the elements of music, composers, music theory, and much more!



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