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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Audio Share: Soundation Compositions!

We’re thrilled that our students at RES & SMS have been arranging and composing with our new composition tools in music class.   Below you’ll find a few selections and a link to several more from Mrs. Berliner’s & Mrs. Erickson’s class.   These were all created using Soundation, a loop based composition/arranging tool and full featured recording workstation based entirely online!  Students have their own logins and can access this tool from anywhere they have a computer and an internet connection.    Great job 4th graders!

Mrs. Berliner’s Class

Mrs. Erickson’s Class


Audio Share: Mrs. Gilbar’s Kindergarteners

Grizzly Bear!

Please enjoy a quick audio share of Mrs. Gilbar’s kindergarteners singing “Grizzly Bear” and playing the circle game.    In this game children are arranged in a circle while one “grizzly bear” sleeps in the middle.  A hunter roams outside the circle and when the song is done the bear goes through a window created by circle members and has to make it around the circle once before being “caught” by the hunter!   A fun game and sung so beautifully by Mrs. Gilbar’s class!

Recorder Apps!

Here’s 3 Apps our students have learned from in music class this week around recorder playing:

JoyTunes’s Recorder Master
see this post for more info!

Recorder Free

PlayAlong Recorder

Noteflight & Soundation Login

3rd & 4th graders!…..We’ll be adding links and login info for these 2 sites soon! Watch this space.


For all 3rd & 4th Graders the login is your full name.  Like this : Firstname Lastname

The password is :  music

Click Here:

(if your login doesn’t work use the name “temp”, and password: music, to login until we fix it! )

Click the image below to use Soundation. Our permanent logins are in the works. For now we can use the free version, but we can’t save our work. More info on this soon!

OK… go compose!  Save your work!   Have Fun!

– Mr. A