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Monthly Archives: September 2013

3rd Graders Singing “John Kanaka”

John Kanaka

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The start of the year in music class is full of singing and movement activities.  Here’s Mrs. Ayer’s 3rd graders singing an old sea shanty called “John Kanaka”.


Welcome Back !

Thanks for stopping by our music class page for RES & SMS.   Our students have been having a great time these first couple of weeks in music class and this year has some great things in store for our young musicians.   At the beginning of the year we learn music class routines & expected behaviors while reviewing the core elements of music and sound.  Things like pitch, dynamics, tempo, pulse and tone.  We do LOTS of singing and emphasize a soft supported tone in the singing voice.  We’ve also played a few tunes on our xylophones!


The music programs at RES & SMS consist of curriculum based on the National Standards for Music Education.  These standards are currently being revised to align more with 21st century skills and the new Common Core Initiative.  If you’re interested you can read the draft of these new standards here.

Please check this space often, we’ll be adding photos and videos from music class as well as some of the upcoming musical happenings at RES & SMS!

Happy Fall!

Mr. Arthur