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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Fun Music Sites….

Some of our classes spent some time this week looking at the music sites below.  Great ways for kids to explore composition, tone color, tempo, dynamics and many more musical concepts.

1st one was a favorite, called  You can add different singers with different parts to compose your own a capella groove tune, so cool!

Some classes saved their arrangements; check here for links:   Ms. Darby’s Class,  Mrs. Berliners Class, Mrs. Rigg’s Class, Mrs. Ayer’s Class

This piece from “The Piano Guys” is a great example of composing for 1 instrument and making the most of it!

Orchestra Fact Files, from the BBC.

Another easy and fun site for composing your own melody here.

Mr. Arthur’s favorite is the “Tonematrix”.  An online compositional tool, connecting composition with a graphical interface, great for differentiation and just plain awesome!