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Monthly Archives: May 2012

2nd Graders in the “Recording Studio”

Our 2nd graders had a fun day just before break recording one of their favorite songs from music class.  We used a program called “Logic” (from Apple) to record all students singing.  We then overdubbed additional instruments and voices on top.  Students were given a practice run and then had to record their improvised part with the playing track.  Lots of fun and a great experience for our young musicians.  Give a listen below!

Mrs. Purvee’s Class:

Song: Let’s Catch a Rooster  (click title to listen)

Class:  Singing
Soren- Guiro
Ella-Frame Drum
Peyton & Max- additional singing
Mr. A- slide whistle
Charlie- Stapler  (yes a stapler!)


Mrs. Cross’s Class:

Song: Alley Alley O

Class: Singing
Louise & Caroline- Piano
Peyton-Tubano Drum
Zohy, Grace & Elaina- additional voices


Mrs. Hackett’s Class:

Song:  I Let Her Go

Class: Singing
Sam- Guiro
Luke- Frame Drum
Sylvie- Shaker
Skyler- Tubano Drum
Eliza, Kelly & Mya – additional voices
Dexter – Water Bottle


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