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Happy Summer!

Thanks for a great year everyone!  Have an awesome summer!  Here’s a clip of our RES Sunrise Singers performing “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.


Audio Share: RES Sunrise Singers 5.12.16


Have a listen to the RES Sunrise Singers rehearsing a tune; “Railroad” as arranged by Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn.

Watch a video clip too! ….

Music Podcast Episode 7

Music Share 2.4.16

here’s a few clips from music class this past week and our 100th day of school!


RES 3rd graders sing for snow!

Here’s a short clip of 3rd graders in Mrs. Ayer’s class singing a tune called “7 feet of Snow!” by Sally Albrecht.


The Music Podcast is Back!

The music podcast is back!  So please give a listen to what our young musicians are up to this week in music class!

Music Share | 10.30.15

It feels great to be back in the music room, thanks for the warm welcome back everyone!  And a very big thanks Mrs. Scudder-Chase who taught all music classes these past 8 weeks and did a fantastic job!  

Here’s a short clip of what some of our young musicians were up to this week.  1st graders have fun playing an active listening game, and our fourth graders start rehearsing a new piece on only their 2nd day in Chorus!  

Looking forward to a great year of music classes!

Mr. Arthur